• All prices are exclusive of VAT.
  • The payment shall be made according to the invoice due date, 15 days after receipt of invoice unless otherwise agreed.
  • Invoicing for the operation takes place in advance by. quarter.
  • Delayed payment accrued default interest (1.5% per. Month.) + Expenses pursuant to interest on delayed payments, etc. of 17.12.1976.
  • In excess of the payment by 30 days, Enitro consider the agreement for raising and finish its work operations with immediate effect, or by agreement to continue operations.
  • The hourly rate for consulting is currently NOK 890, – pr. hour. Senior Consultant is NOK 1350, – pr. hour. Minstedebitering is ½ hour, then pr. started half hour.
  • Rates are for 1 (one) year terms. If none of the parties sign a desire to renegotiate the price within three months prior to 1 (one) season, the contract further next year with a price increase equal to 1.1 CPI.
  • The price may change if one of our software suppliers change prices by more than + – 10%
  • Work not covered by the contract will be charged according to Enitro’s current price list.
  • All rates apply to work within normal business hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday). Travel billed for the time spent traveling at the current rates. The minimum bet is NOK 75, – pr. emergency. In addition, the invoiced price from the first kilometer mileage for government rates for small car. The costs of any ferries, trains, airplanes, toll, parking, diet, etc. charged as well. Additional for work and travel completed between. 16.00 and 20.00 is 50% of the ordinary hourly rate. Additional for work and travel performed after at. 20.00, on public holidays and weekends is 100% of the ordinary hourly rate