Cloud – solution (ASP)

Mobile office in the cloudNettsky løsning illustrasjon

Looking for:

  • Stable, common data solution for all employees regardless of location?
  • Scalable and easily establish a new office?
  • Available, users can work on their data no matter where they might be?
  • Protection against external access, and virus / spam problem?
  • Costs that are adapted to your company’s activity – the number of users?
  • Predictable and easy overview of IT costs?

Cloud services (best known as ASP solutions) suitable for companies who want to spend time and money on IT, and instead have maximum focus on your core business.

ASP – Application Service Provider – is short, “the office through an internet plug in the wall.” On the customer side of the plug is there to monitor, keyboard and mouse, while the ASP vendor’s side, is it hardware, storage, software and high operational stability.

Cloud – is short, “IT where you are.” For you as a user, it is important that services are available on any device – wherever you are located. It may be portable computers, web boards, mobile phone or desktop PC.

Among our customers, we have everything from small business with simple needs, to large businesses with complex needs. Our solutions can be adapted to your company’s needs. We can implement the applications you need in an efficient operating environment, and we can make these available so you can reach your tools and your data from wherever you happen to be.

The flexible solution makes it easy to integrate programs that Visma, Mamut, Navision, Akelius Tax, Hulter Lillevik, Clue, CRM systems, Compello and other applications into your solution. We make use of known technologies such as Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Server, so you can be assured that your solution works perfectly.

If you would like more information about the service we can arrange a demonstration.

Please contact us at. e-mail with Enitro at: mail (@) or by tel. 47 38 01 67 00