Email free for virus and spam

MailFence + spamFence are two of the most sold solutions and is a simple and maintenance-free combination.

  • MailFence ensures that corporate email is virus-free, while spamFence remove all spam.
  • All mail is scanned before they reach the company – and could potentially do great damage, causing delays or computer crashes.No spam, No email virus
Several unique technologies keep the company free of viruses.

Our operations department is closely monitoring the current threats and optimize continuously our filter, so that they always meet our quality standards. This means that we continually change our filters, switching technology and suppliers in line with the threat changes, so we are always at the forefront in the fight against malicious e-mail.

We do not track the dogs loose.

Our skilled anti-spam developers have years of experience in screening and detection of spam. They are as sniffer dogs, who never miss anything – and never give up! Via our unique filtering technology blocks all spam sent to our customers. Spam detection in the entire 99.9% speaks for itself, which means that we will prevent huge amounts of spam emails from reaching our customers’ networks – every single day!

Maintenance-free and no setup.

When we say maintenance free – we mean it! We maintain complete protection of your company’s in-and outgoing e-mail, and ensure maintenance of both software and hardware.

Individuality counts.

It is very different types of e-mail each employee receives, so it is important that spam filtering is not cut all over a comb. Leave the job to us MailFence makes it possible to transfer the load, which at times rests on the corporate anti-virus system, one of Scandinavia’s leading security companies. We concentrate 100% to deliver the optimal security solution on the market.

 Ability test.

We can set up the solution free for you so that you can test the solution in advance. Call Helpdesk on +47 90805500.