We provide advisory and consultancy services and assist our customers with the modernization of legacy systems. Our expertise is in consulting, project management and operations of Microsoft and VMware platforms.

Most organizations will at some point find that older technology limits their opportunities to develop and enhance their business further in the desired direction. The causes can be both a loss of competence of older solutions, cessation of support from suppliers, loyalty factors, cost-intensive development program storage dominated enterprise architecture, lack of integration opportunities, often in combination with the fact that the solutions are mission critical and change is both difficult cost to assess and characterized by high risk.

Our experience covers all phases such as requirements specification, supplier evaluation, procurement process, introduction, supplier monitoring, testing, etc. Good results are obtained when a control projects in relation to the demands of time, cost, quality and risk.

In addition, we perform various other types of missions based on many years of experience. Our┬ásenior consultants assists managers with IT responsibilities, either as a resource or to outsource the responsibility to us, where we act as your “IT Manager”.