Online Backup 365

What if all data was gone?

Online backup 365 means all your data is transmitted via the Internet to our operations center every night, all year around. We check this every morning and send you a simple report.

For people who travel, work from more than one place, or do you want to share files with colleagues, external / online backup is the ideal solution.

Variations of Online Backup 365

Basically there are two forms of backup:

  1. Online backup 365- do it yourself  You download the software provided by Enitro and install it on your server. You then select what you want backed up. When the day comes when you find out you’ve lost everything, you can just plug in and restore all files back to your computer.If there are a number of files that can take a long time to backup, or you have lost your internet connection, we can send you your backup on your choice of media.
  2. Online backup 365 - Enitro take responsibility  Enitro install and set up the backup job. Checking logs and verify that the backup job runs every night, so you always have a last updated backup set. That way you never have to take responsibility to remember when you last backed up – or whether it goes back up. Enitro also encourage the return of the data if an accident were to occur.
Benefits of Online Backup Enitro 365 –  ”out of the house”
  1. It costs less to set up and run than other options.
  2. It is no hardware to buy, maintain or repair. No consumable media (tape) to manage.
  3. Enitro online backup is done completely automatically, freeing up time for more productive tasks.
  4. Simple to manage, all that is necessary is to turn it on.
  5. No worry about the media become obsolete.
  6. All backup files are available online, from anywhere in the world, anytime.
  7. All backup files are encrypted by your computer before sending, and stored in the format that ensures a very high level of security.
  8. We makes sure to use the best backup technology to protect your data.

We use renowned backup technologies. Read more here.