Green IT

We care about nature

We care about nature! A natural interaction between humans and the environment are important factors for success.

We do not produce their own products and therefore have the same nature and environmental programs as a manufacturing company. We require subcontractors have a friendly nature / environmental plan and recommend our customers environmentally friendly solutions.


Tourism activities in connection with certifications, courses, and meetings are typical challenges for a business. We are even concerned about this, and strives to limit the travel business by recommending / using videoconferencing equipment. Everything from Tandbert to Lync / skype based solutions.

All employees are encouraged to cycle to work instead of driving.

Return scheme

We are working hard to satisfy our requirements for management of hardware and packaging, and pledge to follow Norway’s recycling scheme for waste electrical and electronic equipment.


To succeed with green IT, has Enitro focused on virtualization and HP blade technology. In addition, all employees are encouraged to make environmentally friendly choices in their daily lives, such as printing on double sided paper and PCs with sleep.


We are changing to e-invoicing, to save the environment for extra paper.